Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yardsales are becoming more popular

These days you can spot a yard sale almost every weekend, I love them you can find great deals and help someone out at the same time. I am organizing mine for this weekend , getting rid of stuff I don't need before the big move to NC. Do you enjoy yard sales? Do you want to know what yard sales are going on in your neighborhood? I found a great site that will show you by zip code, it is good if you want to list yours too. just go to Find miami yard sales on Yard Sale Search


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  2. Personally, I do not shop at yard sales much but I am in the process of learning to live with a much stricter budget than I have in the past. I see no reason to budget money for things like that right now.

    However, my brother in law visits yard sales almost every weekend. He founds amazing sales. Sometimes he sells the items online for a profit. Sometimes it finds one-of-a-kind items to decorate his game room.

    So I think it really depends a lot on the person.