Thursday, March 31, 2011


Lately every forum I usually visit has a very hot topic its called "MASS COUPONING" Its basically combining coupons and applying them to items already on sale. It is incredible the deals you can get. But who has time to clip coupons, well that's the best part with websites like www.coupons.com, www.couponcabin.com, couponmom.com www.RetailMeNot.com, www.SmartSource.com and www.BeFrugal.com.

They all operate differently but will save you money at your local stores.
Just make sure your local supermarket accepts web printout coupons.

Has a wide variety of timely coupons as you would find in your local stores.

Sections for "most-used coupons" and "favorite deals" point shoppers toward the best ongoing promotions at online retailers. An added bonus: A weekly email newsletter alerts consumers to the latest deals every Monday.

covers a lot of ground, listing online coupon codes, printout coupons and free samples, among other types of discounts

dedicated community is what makes this site stand out. Users indicate whether a discount code worked for them or not, helping shoppers quickly filter out bad deals

local store sales and a wide array of printout coupons and online deals to help consumers maximize savings

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Monday, March 28, 2011

How Do We do it?

We all become single moms for different reasons: divorce, death, different circumstances or by plain choice. Whatever our reasons are the fact is that we are all on maybe not the same but similar boats with maybe some variations like family support, childrens father in/our of the picture and other things that may make our situations vary on a day to day basis. But when it all comes down to it we are all single moms, doing it on or own and being the primary caregivers to our children with new daily pressure affecting our lives and more responsiblities as our children grow and look at us as role models. Do not get me wrong I think it is wonderful, I am raising my two boys and the joys they bring me make up for all the stress and pressure, but my question is how do we do it? What gets us through the day? What is the most difficult thing in your day? I am interested in creating a network for single moms to vent and support each other through those crazy days and to come together and celebrate on those joyous occasions where we can all give ourselves a pat in the back and say YAY! WE DID IT! So join me in this crazy but joyous journey called single mommyhood.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ways I make some extra cash. ALL FREE!!!!!!!!!!

In these tough times who isn't looking to make some extra money. But how??? Well there is a lot of money to be made online and unlike a lot of the opportunities out there these are all free!!!

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There is also a private group on FaceBook that pays you for doing simple online tasks. If you want to join let me know and I will email you instructions.

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Have you heard of Groupon???
Well The Costumer Advantage is a new program that offers deals just like Groupon but you earn money for introducing it to people and businesses.

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Have you seen this new automated system that can generate lots of free leads and prospects for Network Marketers?

I thought you might have an interest in seeing how it worked.

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Well that is all for now on my next post I will cover more sites and special techniques.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We ARE what we EAT!

I have been hearing that saying for as long as I can remember. Well about 6 months ago I was very sick my thyroid was malfunctioning I had gained so much weight I was just not myself anymore. Well I was lucky enough to have the guidance of my amazing friend Cyndee, who has dedicated her life to teach people how to become healthier thru proper eating and exercise.
Well I stopped eating red meat all together increased my fruits and veggies and made sure to drink plenty of water.
All of a sudden my weight started melting off my energy skyrocketed and my Doctor could not believe his eyes, my thyroid function had increased 60%. He asked me what was I doing differently and I told him.

This proves to me that we are what we eat. When we eat raw fruits and veggies our bodies absorb the nutrients therefore giving us energy and making us feel GREAT!
 VS. Red meat for instance, you are eating an animal with a whole different endocrine system and expecting your body to absorb and digest all those hormones and waste that eventually turn into fat, how do we feel? full, tired lazy.

I still eat fish and shrimp because they contain iodine which boosts thyroid function. 

There are so many delicious thins to eat that are good for you, and let me tell you once you start eating right you will not want to go back. I am not saying you will not be tempted, we are human. just think moderation is the key.

I will be starting a blog in the next week or so with all vegan recipes.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

What is this world coming to?

For those of you that know me it is probably old news that I got hit by a car crossing the street with both my kids a couple of weeks ago. We are OK, the kids are wonderful and I suffered an injury to my leg and back.

But the guy is going to get away with it. Why??? because he was uninsured, yes the guy is irresponsible enough to drive a car without insurance drive like a maniac, run the red light, hit us and gets nothing. Well OK he probably got a ticket, but compared to what we went thru because of his wreck less driving he got NOTHING!

No attorney wants the case because there is no insurance, therefore no guarantee of payment.

So what is this world coming to, people are allowed to drive uninsured, hit people with their cars and no consequences?

I don't know about you but I think this is very wrong. 

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Work at Home Mommas

Nowadays with the rising gas prices, high daycare costs and the plummeting job market more mommies are working from home. It is not an easy decision to make, working at home involves a lot of factors to consider. What kind of work will you be doing ? Do you want to start your own business or work for a company?
And the most important thing is yes you will be WORKING from home so  will have to do work.  It takes a lot of discipline as well as organization but the rewards of spending more time with your kids is priceless. My advice make a plan and stick to it, make sure you put yourself on a regular schedule and stick to it and do not get discouraged. If you are still trying to decide what you want to do sit down and make a list.

These days more companies are outsourcing. They hire people to work from home and pay them by the hour. The best way to find these jobs is to register with a work at home company. I have researched the ones listed below and they are legit. You will have to pass some tests and pay for a background check but you will have a steady job and some of these companies even offer benefits.

Here are some to consider:
Paid training and benefits.
If you have any kind of healthcare background , here you can provide clinical costumer service and a higher pay rate.
3) www.MSVAS.com
The Military Spouse Virtual Assistance program helps military spouses find legitimate virtual business arrangements so that they can provide an income without being at one specific location.
As an Arise Certified Professional, you choose which clients to serve, when you work and how many hours each week to work.
5) www.LiveOps.com
 You'll be able to make anywhere from $6.00 to $15.00 per hour while being a LiveOps customer service agent.

There are a lot more sites like these I will post them as I do my research.

I am part of a group on Facebook where you can make some cash for doing some simple online tasks. Email me if you want to join.

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make your home safe for your toddler

    When you first bring a baby home, there is a new set of concerns everything from should I Co-Sleep or not to the brand of diapers you use, but about 6 months later after you get used to late night feedings and changing diapers around the clock another brand new set off worries start, because your baby is now moving she is either crawling or almost crawling but all these new things come to mind, and you realize that the safe peaceful place you call home is a jungle of new adventures for your new baby, and before you know she will be getting into everything, the cabinets, the bathroom the electrical outlets, everything you can imagine and things you cant even begin to think of. Just think, they have just gotten their independence they dont have to depend on you to move them around anymore so our world is their playground everything they can grab is a toy, and as they get older and start walking they can grab pretty much everything. So there are two things you can do, leave everything the way it is and watch them 24/7 or babyproof your home.
    I went with the second choice, I have two boys a 2 year old and an 8 month old, they are the most amazing little guys I have ever known, but my toddler oh no no hes a terror a cute sweet one but that little boy gets into everything, my 8 month old is just crawling now but I know hes going to mimic his big brother, so thats why I childproofed, the sense of peace you get is amazing, its a process and yes you can hire someone to do it, and if you can afford it go ahead its the best but if you are a single mommy like me every penny counts.
    I will tell you 5 very important things right now and will post the rest as I get the rest of my research done.
    1. Security Gates ( Stairs, Doors Going outside, Kitchen etc...)
    2. Electric Outlet Covers
    3. Cleaning Products, Medications or anything dangerous OUT OF REACH
    4. Door Knob Covers
    5 Blind/ Curtain Chains up high.
    There are so much more things that you learn with time and I will be posting them all, as well as giving you tips on how do keep your baby safe and stay on your budget.

    Pre Eclampsia A silent but dangerous complication of Pregnancy

    When a Beautiful time can turn scary.

    Pregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman's life, knowing that your child is growing inside you feeling the little kicks, and we all do everything we can to make sure our babies develop right, we eat right, take vitamins and go to our regular doctor's appointments, but unfortunately it doesn't always go as we imagined so many times over and over since that pregnancy test showed positive for the first time.
    There is a very serious complication called Preeclampsia also called Toxemia is a condition that women get during pregnancy. It is marked by high blood pressure and high level of protein in the urine, some women with preeclampsia can also have swelling in the feet, hands, and legs.
    This condition usually shows up during the second half of the pregnancy, late in the second trimester sometimes in the third but sometimes it can occur earlier.
    In cases that preeclampsia is not treated it can advance to Eclampsia the final and worse phase and that can cause seizures, coma, and even death of the mother and baby this can occur anytime during the pregnancy, during or after childbirth.
    You should look out for any excessive swelling that does not go away with rest and is accompanied by : rapid weight gain(due to excessive body fluid), Severe headaches, abdominal pain, reduced urine output, dizziness and excessive vomiting and nausea.
    Pre eclampsia is usually seen in first time pregnancies but it can occur if you have a previous history of it, I had it twice, both my babies were born extremely ill and spent time in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,  Pre eclampsia can prevent the placenta from receiving sufficient blood, which can lead to your baby being born small for gestational age. This is the leading cause for premature births and can lead to serious complications for the baby to include: learning disabilities, epilepsy, cerebral palsy as well as hearing and vision problems.
    Both my babies were born via emergency C-Section due to this complication and they are both healthy and thriving now, but my advice is to stay on your doctor about this if you develop any of the symptoms, with my first pregnancy I was not treated by my doctor and ended up having a baby under 4lbs who stayed in the hospital for over 3 weeks, that is heartbreaking to any mother and I want to help anyone reading this avoid that.

    About me

    Let me start by telling you about myself. I am a 33 year old single mom of two amazing boys. RayRay will be 4 next week and Martin turned 2 in Nov. I started this blog because I have learned a lot about myself and about life in general recently and want to share it. My life has been difficult at times but I have learned from these experiences and become stronger and wiser.
    In this blog I will cover everything from health to parenting to cooking. So keep checking back for more posts.