Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to make your home safe for your toddler

    When you first bring a baby home, there is a new set of concerns everything from should I Co-Sleep or not to the brand of diapers you use, but about 6 months later after you get used to late night feedings and changing diapers around the clock another brand new set off worries start, because your baby is now moving she is either crawling or almost crawling but all these new things come to mind, and you realize that the safe peaceful place you call home is a jungle of new adventures for your new baby, and before you know she will be getting into everything, the cabinets, the bathroom the electrical outlets, everything you can imagine and things you cant even begin to think of. Just think, they have just gotten their independence they dont have to depend on you to move them around anymore so our world is their playground everything they can grab is a toy, and as they get older and start walking they can grab pretty much everything. So there are two things you can do, leave everything the way it is and watch them 24/7 or babyproof your home.
    I went with the second choice, I have two boys a 2 year old and an 8 month old, they are the most amazing little guys I have ever known, but my toddler oh no no hes a terror a cute sweet one but that little boy gets into everything, my 8 month old is just crawling now but I know hes going to mimic his big brother, so thats why I childproofed, the sense of peace you get is amazing, its a process and yes you can hire someone to do it, and if you can afford it go ahead its the best but if you are a single mommy like me every penny counts.
    I will tell you 5 very important things right now and will post the rest as I get the rest of my research done.
    1. Security Gates ( Stairs, Doors Going outside, Kitchen etc...)
    2. Electric Outlet Covers
    3. Cleaning Products, Medications or anything dangerous OUT OF REACH
    4. Door Knob Covers
    5 Blind/ Curtain Chains up high.
    There are so much more things that you learn with time and I will be posting them all, as well as giving you tips on how do keep your baby safe and stay on your budget.

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