Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We ARE what we EAT!

I have been hearing that saying for as long as I can remember. Well about 6 months ago I was very sick my thyroid was malfunctioning I had gained so much weight I was just not myself anymore. Well I was lucky enough to have the guidance of my amazing friend Cyndee, who has dedicated her life to teach people how to become healthier thru proper eating and exercise.
Well I stopped eating red meat all together increased my fruits and veggies and made sure to drink plenty of water.
All of a sudden my weight started melting off my energy skyrocketed and my Doctor could not believe his eyes, my thyroid function had increased 60%. He asked me what was I doing differently and I told him.

This proves to me that we are what we eat. When we eat raw fruits and veggies our bodies absorb the nutrients therefore giving us energy and making us feel GREAT!
 VS. Red meat for instance, you are eating an animal with a whole different endocrine system and expecting your body to absorb and digest all those hormones and waste that eventually turn into fat, how do we feel? full, tired lazy.

I still eat fish and shrimp because they contain iodine which boosts thyroid function. 

There are so many delicious thins to eat that are good for you, and let me tell you once you start eating right you will not want to go back. I am not saying you will not be tempted, we are human. just think moderation is the key.

I will be starting a blog in the next week or so with all vegan recipes.

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  1. It is so true we are what we eat. I try to do better everyday. I'm your newest google friends connect follower. Also got you on facebook. barb

  2. Hi Barb!
    Welcome, I am preparing a eat post for tonight so make sure to check back in. Thanks for your feedback :)

  3. hitting you back. thanks for the follow!