Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eat your way to healthy

We all know that saying you are what you eat, well if that is true these days we are a bunch of sick people. Wait a minute, we are, in this day and age we all suffer from some kind of illness. We see more obesity that leads to diabetes, heart disease etc... and what do we do we go to a Dr. get a pill and get even sicker. I have nothing against the medical field trust me I am soon to be a nurse but I also believe that there are natural ways to cure, treat and most importantly prevent illness by eating right. Nature has given us the way to be healthy and live long lives but we take it misuse it and abuse it. I found this great site where you can learn more about this! Just click on the Super Brain Foods on the Banner to your right here and sign up to receive information on eating your way to healthy!

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